Translucent Blue Omphacite

Rough Blue Omphacite available by kilo. Make sure to leave a message in the chat box, or send an email to for further information and prices.


A very stunning translucent blue-toned gemstone, ideal for carvings and fine jewelry, this gem is highly valued and it is very exclusive. The beautiful deep ocean blue tones on this gem are very enchanting and greatly admired.



Blue Omphacite is not commonly used for its energetic properties, but it helps calming the mind, providing peace and reflection. It will surely encourage you to follow your dreams and visions. This gem is great stimulating spiritual sensitivity, and it can help in hearing inner voices of spirit guides.


A group of jade experts were selected to be part of the jury that qualified each piece of the participants. Three amazing carvers were selected as winners and received cash prizes and medals made from this precious stone. The jury was made up jade connoisseurs Robert Terzuola, Charlotte Ward, Andrew Shaw, George Schmerholtz and Deborah Wilson.

These were the results of the contest:

1st. - Juan Antonio Castellanos (Guatemala)

2nd. - Adán Pilicastro Alcázar (Mexico)

3rd. - Dante López Castillo (Mexico)