JADE has been a symbol of love and virtue for thousands of years.---------------------------------------------------


Wearing the stone is believed to help kidney, heart and stomach problems.  The healing stone aids the lungs, heart, immune system, nervous system and detoxifies kidneys and blood.

Thank you for helping our Guatemalan community!

We are pleased that we are able to contribute a percentage of our websales to The Maya Conservancy to provide scholarships for young Maya people.

Our Jade comes from the field to the showroom. Our values are always in alignment with Maya Conservancy and Fair Trade guidelines. We value our environment and people above all else. We employ indigenous locals and pay a living wage. We provide educational opportunities for our employees and help local communities, including English classes and tuition for school-aged children.

Honoring traditions and preserving culture and heritage sites are the cornerstones of our ethical code, also Jade Maya provides decent jobs in order to prevent emigration to other countries.



Maya Culture used Jade as their Currency and it is one of the most valued gemstones of ancient Mayas! We teach you on our tour! part of our amazing history with replicas and unique pieces of the ancient culture!


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Jade Maya, uses Maya Artisans that craft and makes each of our pieces, natives from Antigua Guatemala, the best and more skillfull artist. get to know them!

Our History

Jade Maya, made the decision to re-establish a jade carving industry in Guatemala and opened its doors in the 1970's and remains the largest jadeite Jade operation in the Americas.

Jade Maya is a totally integrated jade company founded in 1974 by archaeologist Mary Lou Ridinger and her husband Jay Ridinger. We mine fine jadeite jade which is found mainly in Guatemala and Burma, but valued throughout the world. The source discovered and used by Jade Maya, is the same used by the Ancient Maya people of Mesoamerica. The jade is cut and polished in our factory by native Guatemalan workers who are recovering and preserving the carving traditions of their ancestors.

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