Does my order ship from the USA?

All orders are shipped from our headquarters in Guatemala. Orders shipped to addresses within the USA, Canada, and US territories usually go through our sister site in Houston, TX, USA. We’ll email you a USPS tracking number when requested.

Do I need to pay import taxes or report to customs?

Customers within the USA do not need to pay import taxes or report to customs. International customers should check their country’s customs policies. 

Is jade fragile?

Jade is a tough stone, but its crystalline structure means it can break. Tile flooring is the main offender. Always exercise care when handling and storing your jade items. See our Repair Policy for details about fixing a broken piece.

How do I care for my jade jewelry?

We recommend wiping your jewelry with a damp rag or jewelry cloth after each use. Store jade in its original packaging, or in a dedicated jewelry case. Jade will not fade in the sun or react with chlorinated water, but we recommend not exposing it to unnecessary compounds like perfumes, exfoliants, or household cleaners.

How is my order packaged?

Each item in your order is carefully packaged to ensure its safe arrival. We use eco-friendly packaging whenever possible. Larger items may include bubble wrap for an extra measure of protection. Jewelry arrives in a Jade Maya display box inside a colorful, handmade fabric bag. Glyphs are packaged in printed paper gift bags. Most items arrive in packaging suitable for gifting, and all items come with a card certifying authenticity. If you have questions about packaging, ask us here.

Should I get my purchase appraised?

We recommend appraisals for insurance purposes. There are 2 types of jade: jadeite and nephrite. We only sell jadeite jade, which is of better quality and appraises for more than nephrite. We recommend finding an appraiser familiar with jadeite.

It’s a gift. Can you be discreet?

Of course! Our products ship in plain external packaging with a Jade Maya return address. If secrecy is of the utmost importance, let us know here. We want to help keep your surprise a surprise.

Do custom orders take longer to arrive?

Yes, our design team can generally create your custom jewelry piece within a few days. We always confirm your satisfaction before we ship. Items usually arrive within 2 weeks of shipment in the USA and Canada, which begins the day you confirm your custom order.

Where is (Jadeite) Jade found?

Jadeite, one of the two primary types of jade, is primarily found in specific regions around the world. The most notable sources of jadeite include:

Guatemala, which is a very significant source of jadeite jade. Jadeite was highly valued by ancient Mayan and Olmec civilizations, and Guatemala continues to produce jadeite of various colors, including shades of green, lavender, and white. The Motagua River Valley in Guatemala is well-known for its jadeite deposits.

Myanmar (Burma), is another huge source of jadeite jade.

Other locations: While Guatemala and Myanmar are the primary sources of jadeite, this type of jade can also be found in other regions, although in smaller quantities. Some other countries with limited jadeite deposits include Russia, Japan, and the United States (particularly in California). However, the quality and quantity of jadeite in these areas are not as significant as those in Guatemala and Myanmar.

It's important to note that jadeite is highly valued for its translucency, and lack of imperfections. The quality of jadeite can vary widely, and the most sought-after pieces can command extremely high prices in the market. Additionally, responsible and ethical sourcing of jadeite is essential to ensure that environmental and ethical considerations are addressed
in the mining and trade of this precious gemstone.

Is Jade Maya’s jade ethically sourced?

Absolutely. From the field to the showroom, our values are always in alignment with Maya Conservancy and Fair Trade guidelines. We value our environment and people above all else. We employ indigenous locals and pay a living wage. We provide educational opportunities for our employees and local communities, including English classes and tuition for school-aged children. Honoring traditions and preserving culture and heritage sites are the cornerstones of our ethical code, also Jade Maya provides decent jobs in order to prevent emigration to other countries. Learn more about our cultural and environmental initiatives here.

Who runs Jade Maya?

Jade Maya is operated by a dedicated and conscientious team, from miners to designers. While the business is owned by Mary Lou Ridinger, a US born archeologist living in Guatemala for nearly 50 years, the business could not exist without the Jade Maya team. Mary Lou is in the factory and showroom every day, working alongside the employees to ensure the quality and ethics align with Jade Maya standards. Read more about Jade Maya’s fascinating history here.