We dont min jade, we only surface collections, this is call quarrying operation and all our jade product are according to international trade rules our products are considered fair trade products because our production of jade doesn’t cause misery, hunger, poverty, deaths, diseases, environmental destruction, human suffering, pollution of rivers or deforestation. Fair Trade regulations have already banned global marketing of Burmese (Myanmar) Jade due to human rights and environmental atrocities.  Our vision is to save Guatemalan jade for future generations.


The state of jade today
The green wave:
In 2019, the association The Green Wave was founded whose vision is to work with communities in Guatemala to solve problems caused by climate change, plan events, projects and raise financial resources to invest in improvements in health, education and employment; using scientific technology in order to reduce the migration of Guatemalans to other countries in the world and integrate working groups to make positive changes in the communities of Guatemala, through a science-based approach, to strengthen the capacities of Guatemalans to adapt and better areas negatively affected by climate change.
The Maya Conservancy:
In 2010, Mary Louise Johnson Ridinger founded an American 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, The Maya Conservancy and Asociación Conservación Maya (Asocoma) in Guatemala. The purpose of the associations is to preserve and protect Mayan and pre-Mayan archaeological sites throughout Mesoamerica. The Maya Conservancy provides educational guidance and financial assistance to groups in Mesoamerican countries to assist in the preservation and protection of sites of historical and cultural importance and for the preservation of Mayan cultural traditions.
The Mayan conservancy, offers scholarships to mayan students who can continue their education in the maya language.