A Celebration of Mastery and Artistry

Congress of Latin American Jade Carvers
(II Edition)

The picturesque city of Antigua Guatemala recently played host to the second Latin American Congress of Jade Carvers, a vibrant celebration of the intricate artistry and cultural significance of jade. Taking place from the 27th to the 29th of October at the Colonial Art Museum, the event served as a hub for artists and enthusiasts to convene, share insights, and showcase their remarkable talents in the realm of jade carving.

The congress commenced with a captivating array of discussions and talks centered around the historical and artistic aspects of jade, including detailed insights into carving techniques and the intricate process of crafting jade pieces. The informative sessions provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the revered gemstone, further enriching their appreciation for this ancient art form.

Watch a 360° exposition of the Congress at the following link:

Day One: Press Day and Introduction

The first day witnessed a press conference that set the stage for the excitement to come. The grand exhibition of jade artworks commenced, igniting a spirited competition among participants vying for the coveted first-place honor. The theme of the jade carving competition revolved around the four elements - earth, water, fire, and air, challenging participants to infuse their creations with the essence of these elemental forces. The evaluation criteria scrutinized the creativity of the concept, precision in carving techniques, judicious selection of jade colors, immaculate finishing, and meticulous assembly.

Day Two: Carving Techniques and Discussions

As the event progressed to the second day, participants were immersed in a series of engaging discussions on the latest discoveries and techniques in jade carving. The artisans generously shared their expertise, fostering an environment of learning and collaboration among fellow enthusiasts. Moreover, the group had the privilege of a guided tour through the Jade Maya museum led by the esteemed archaeologist, Mary Lou Ridinger, adding a historical and educational dimension to the Congress.

Day Three: Announcement of Winners

The final day culminated in the eagerly anticipated announcement of the jade carving competition results. The esteemed panel of judges, comprising renowned experts in the field of jade and its carving, meticulously evaluated each entry. The names of the judges - Marina Schoupe, Dante López, Georg Schmerholtz, Andrew Shaw, and Deborah Wilson - exemplify the caliber of expertise brought to the judging process.

Excellence in Jade Carving

The anticipation reached its peak on the final day of the 2nd Latin American Congress of Jade Carvers in Guatemala, as judges from different countries, including Canada, the United States, China, and Guatemala, concluded their meticulous deliberation and evaluation. The much-awaited results were finally unveiled, marking the culmination of an eventful and enriching journey for all attendees.

The prestigious first place was awarded to the talented artist hailing from Mexico, Adán Pilicastro Alcazar, whose intricately carved rhinoceros left judges and attendees alike in awe of his impeccable technique and attention to detail. The second place was secured by the Mexican jade carver Noé Sánchez Zebadúa, who presented an exquisite piece crafted from blue jade, skillfully incorporating a natural streak of imperial green jade, showcasing his masterful utilization of the material's unique properties. The third place was granted to the Guatemalan jade carver, Juan Antonio Castellanos, whose flawless depiction of the theme, inspired by the four elements, captivated the audience with its artistic finesse and conceptual clarity.

A Triumph of Artistry and Collaboration

The event concluded on a triumphant note, underscoring the tremendous success achieved through the collective efforts of the sponsors, collaborators, and the dedicated team at Jade Maya, who had tirelessly prepared for the event for an extended period. Their unwavering commitment and passion were instrumental in making the Congress an unforgettable and impactful experience for all involved.

The resounding success of the Congress paved the way for an even brighter future, as plans for the upcoming event next year are already underway. We all look forward to continue our mission of recognizing and honoring the exceptional talents of Latin American jade carvers, reaffirming our commitment to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of jade carving in the region. With the unwavering support and dedication of the community, the next Congress promises to be an even more remarkable celebration of artistry and cultural legacy.