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The ancient jade sources of the Mayas

Jay Ridinger moved to Antigua Guatemala and married Mary Louise Ridinger and together they re-discovered the ancient jade sources of the Mayas


A discovery of the first jade source

The Ridinger’s built the jade factory where it stands now. They sent their first jade samples to the Gemological Institute of America receiving their first confirmation that their discovery was, in fact, the most valuable type of jade.


First jade retail store was opened

The Ridingers were the pioneers of the Jade industry in Guatemala when they opened their first jade retail store at the corner of 4th Calle Oriente #34, Antigua Guatemala.

August, 1975

Earthquake in Guatemala

On February 4th an Earthquake in Guatemala damage the Ridinger’s factory and showroom. They decided to travel for a year and sell jade jewelry in order to send money back to Guatemala because for them to paying their team it's very important, which has been an ongoing value.


Back to business

Tourism returns slowly to Guatemala.


Welcome Bob!

Ridingers hired Bob Terzuola to run production and train local jewelers and increase production.


A new adventure

They increased their retail space and started a new Company: Comercial Antigua and began to manufacture clothing and non-jade crafts and household items.


A drop in tourism

Civil War and Kidnapping threats caused a drastic drop in tourism


First store in Guatemala City

First store in Guatemala City was opened at the Camino Real Hotel, one of the most important hotels in the country.


"Jade, Stone of Heaven"

The research team discovered a new source of jade in the Motagua River Valley: Galactic Gold Jade and Olmec Blue Jade. In September, National Geographic magazine published "Jade, Stone of Heaven".


Rough Jade and the opening of new stores

Jade Maya started testing the international market for rough jade in the “Tucson Gem and Mineral show”. The second and the third stores in Antigua Guatemala were opened.


Welcome Raquel!

Ridingers hired Raquel Perez as a manager of Comercial Antigua and two years later she became the General Manager at present.

November 1990

Jade museum

The first “Jade Museum” at Jade Maya was opened to share a unique experience of Maya history with clients by surrounding them with the 3000 years story of ancient civilizations.


Rainbow lavender Jade

We discovered "Rainbow lavender Jade" south of the Motagua River and we applied for five new mining licenses. The same year we applied for a museum replica authorizations at INAH and in 1997 an article was published in the magazine "Arqueología Mexicana"


President Bill Clinton visited Jade Maya

U.S. President Bill Clinton visited Jade Maya and enjoyed touring the jade museum and factory. The same year new museum style showrooms were opened in Guatemala City, Belize and El Salvador. The documentary "The Mysteries of Jade" was filmed in Belize and Guatemala by the Discovery Channel


A new destination

Jade Maya became a new destination attraction for cruise passengers arriving at Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala.


A new Jade Gallery

The Jade Gallery was opened in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and also the Jade Maya Museum-Store at Costa Maya.


A new Mexican corporation

Jades Mayas SA de CV was opened in Mexico and new show rooms at Costa Maya, Mahahual, Quitana Roo Mexico, on the Riviera Maya.

View now 2001

Recovering a National Treasure

Mary Lou Ridinger makes history in Guatemala by recovering a National Treasure that had been stolen from the "Museo La Democracia" in February 2001 and returned it to the Guatemalan government.


Two new stores were opened

President Oscar Berger inaugurated the new cruise ship port "Marina Pez Vela" next to Puerto Queztal, Guatemala. The same year Jade Maya opened a new museum show room at the archeology site of Quirigua and also in Amatique Bay Resort


A new Jade Museum

The Pakal Jade Museum opened at Puerto Chiapas, Mexico.


The Maya Conservancy

We formed The Maya Conservancy as a 501(c) 3 in the USA to promote conferences, archaeology education, Maya ancestral wisdom and to support cultural enrichment concerning the origins of the Maya Calendar. “Jade Maya” formed Museo Izapa, in Chiapas, Mexico and Conservación Maya, A.C. Guatemala. Opening of Mirador Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico with David Bau and Daniel Palmer.


Exposure in prestigious media

Publication of "Stone of Kings" - In Search of the Lost Jade of the Maya" by Gerard Helferich. Good review in The Wall Street Journal, TEDx talk by Mary Lou Ridinger "The Origins of the Maya Calendar"


Lets go to China!

Travel to China to seek a wholesale market for Guatemalan jade. Well received conference by invitation of National Gem Testing Laboratory in Beijing. The Maya Jade Museum at Banana Coast near Trujillo, Honduras, where cruise ships began arriving.


Beautiful Roatan, Honduras

On the fabled island of Roatan, off the coast of Honduras, Jade Maya opened two Museum Stores to sell jade at two important cruise ports.



On the road to Tikal- at the edge of lake Petén Itza at El Remate, Jade Maya opened an outlet Jade Maya showroom.



Jade Maya opened their spacious new showroom: "Palenque", one block from the Central park of Antigua, directly behind the cathedral.


"Piedras Negras"

Beautiful new "Piedras Negras" Jade Maya Museum store opened inside the International section of "La Aurora" airport in Guatemala City.

View now 2017

Near Hotel Museo Spa Casa Santo Domingo

Wonderful imaginative new Jade Maya Museum store: "Pakal" opened on 3rd Avenue in Antigua across the street from famous "Hotel Museo Spa Casa Santo Domingo"


Conference for Climate Change

Jade Maya sponsored on September 20th a conference on climate change at the Porta Hotel Antigua and invited local school students and teachers to participate and seek solutions for helping solve the problem of Climate Change. Awards were given to the school who came up with the best proposal for helping the environmental challenges in their local community.


"The Green Wave"

Action group is formed to initiate projects to help the community deal with environmental problems.


A new era

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