Guatemalan Rough Jadeite

Guatemalan Rough Jadeite

Our company has evolved as a leader in reintroducing Maya Jade to the world through the discovery, mining and working of Guatemala's fine Jadeite Jade. Guatemala shares with Myanmar (formerly Burma) the distinction of being one of the world's major sources of this fine gemstone.

Our jade mining operation and all our jade products are in compliance with international trade rules. Our products are considered fair trade products because our production of jade doesn’t cause misery, hunger, poverty, deaths nor disease.

Our methods do not cause environmental destruction nor human suffering, pollution of rivers or deforestation. Fair Trade regulations have already banned global marketing of Burmese Jade due to human rights and environmental atrocities. Our vision is to save Guatemalan jade for future generations.

We mine fine Jadeite Jade which is found mainly in Guatemala and Burma, but valued throughout the world. The source discovered and used by Jade Maya, is the same used by the Ancient Maya people of Mesoamerica. The Jade we use is taken from the surface in a very ethical manner, with all the safety standards and in a proper environmental way.


Some of the rough Jade is transformed into pre-Columbian style museum quality replicas and exquisite handmade unique fine jewelry. For Customer Support, please email or contact us by phone at +502 7931 2400. We look forward to hearing from you!