About Jade


Jade… has been a symbol of love and virtue for thousands of years.

Jade… referred to as the virtuous stone, has prevailed for thousands of years as a symbol of divine love, purity and status. It is also associated with justice, compassion, humility, generosity and emotional balance.

Jade… aides in the understanding of dreams and teaches us to live in harmony with nature and spirit.

Jade… exudes a gentle, steady energy and is incapable of absorbing negativity.  Also provides protection and assists in attracting good luck.

Jade… augments longevity, fertility, serenity, wisdom, will assist in finding and maintaining moderation, equilibrium and stability, helpful for maintaining detachment in stressful situations. Also assist in reaching one’s full potential.

Jade… healing stone aids the lungs, heart, immune system, nervous system and detoxifies kidneys and blood.

Jade… has protective qualities; used for longevity and for protection away from home.

Jade… relaxing, harmonizing, cooling stone said to stimulate profound thought and healing meditation. Sometime jade is placed in the bathtub as a calming influence.

Jade... is an ancient love-attracting stone. It is associated with Venus and Neptune.

Jade… wearing the stone is believed to help kidney, heart and stomach problems.

Jade… sacred to both the Chinese and the Mayas, this stone is said to bless everything it touches.

Jade… it evokes wisdom, peace, harmony and devotion to one’s higher purpose.

Jade… said to be a “dream stone”, jade placed under one’s pillow help in lucid dreaming.

Jade… aides the wearer in finding their life path and manifesting dreams into reality.


Jade… wear to attract love, or give to another in the hope of obtaining love.

Jade… wear this stone to help the body heal itself, while working thought the underlying non-physical problems that caused the disease.

Jade… used to promote long life and use to prevent diseases and health problems.

Jade… wear while gardening to improve the health of plants.

Jade… wear to promote prosperity and to draw money to you.

Jade… use this stone to make proper business decisions.

Jade… strengthens reasoning and mental faculties.

Jade… guard against accident and mishaps.

Jade… helpful in curing kidney, heart and stomach ailments.

Jade… promotes long life.

Jade… wear to prevent others from imposing their will on to you.

Jade… American Indians used jade to heal all ailments associated with Kidneys as well as to childbirth

Jade… may be worn when treating gallstones, the lungs, the heart, and the throat as well

Jade… is thought to prolong life and bring abundant riches to the wearer


Jade… love, healing, longevity, protection, wisdom, gardening, money, prosperity.

White Jade… Symbolized purity and virtue. It is a wonderful gift to give your daughter or new baby.

Black Jade… Symbolized power, 3000 years ago Emperor YU of China used black jade tablets to control the water of flood. Whoever controls the waters of the flood controls China. Black jade is the ultimate power gift to give an executive.

Green Jade… Symbolizes life, breath, fertility and eternity. It is the perfecto gift for a wedding, anniversary or birthday.

Purple Jade… Symbolizes hopes, dreams, spirituality, romance and love. It is a beautiful gift for the one you love.

Blue Jade… Symbolizes truth and vision, ideas, thought and inspirations. It is a great fit for your teacher and mentor.