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(translated from spanish) Masks, figurines and jade plates are part of the more than 50 parts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala,...

academics, artifacts, conservation, mary lou ridinger, mayan, mayan jade, news

This revealing investigative report by Sylvia Gereda (Informe Especial, Canal Antigua) uncovers the state of jade smuggling in Guatemala and the dire need for more knowledge and awareness of not only where we buy our jewelry, but also what can be done to protect the cultural heritage of these resources and keep the income produced by the use of these resources in the country of origin. 

artifacts, conservation, mary lou ridinger, mayan jade, news, videos

In April 2007 Mary Lou Ridinger was invited to speak at theSinkankas Symposium, a conference co-sponsored by theGemological Institute of America.To celebrate its...

academics, archives, artifacts, gemology, mary lou ridinger, news

Jade expert and archaeologist Mary Lou Ridinger attended the 2007 Sinkankas Symposium held on April 21 at GIA´s Carlsbad Campus...

academics, archives, mary lou ridinger, mayan jade

The commodities market has always been vulnerable to the clash of civilizations. When the Spanish arrived in Mexico in 1519, the Aztec emperor Montezuma sent Cortez an offering of jade beads

helferich, mary lou ridinger, mayan jade, news, stone of kings