2007 SInkankas Symposium

Jade expert and archaeologist Mary Lou Ridinger attended the 2007 Sinkankas Symposium held on April 21 at GIA´s Carlsbad Campus in California. There she spoke about Jadeite from Guatemala´s Motagua River Valley, which have been exploited since Mayan times.

"Mary Lou Ridinger has developed several concessions to mine specific areas in the region and operated a vertically integrated business with manufacturing facilities, museums and showrooms in Guatemala. The mission of our business in Guatemala has always been to mine with care to protect the environment, not exploit workers or subject Guatemalan jadeite to bleaching treatments, she said. We are adamant about protecting Guatemalan Maya archaeology and never trade in archaeological artifacts. She described green, lilac, black, galatic(which has metallic inclusions sprinkled through the material) varieties of jadeite and noted that a form of blue jade as also been found there." quote from The Loupe GIA World News Vol. 16, No. 3


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